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Frisco Square in the Community

Live, Work, Play / In the Community

To truly reflect Frisco’s values, Frisco Square must be as generous, supportive and involved as the community is.  We make full use of our time, money, creativity and facilities to support local charities, non-profits and others who also aim to do “good” in Frisco.

Frisco Square and its owners, management, staff and partners: 

Recent charitable contributions

Community trusteeship

Frisco Square is a place to live, to work, to be entertained, to learn and to participate in Frisco. Recognizing that convenience, quality and “fun” all combine and do satisfy our residents and tenants, is evidence of the commitment of our Owners and the foresight of Frisco’s City leaders. Citizen and investor aspirations and expectations are based upon Frisco Square, with its life-style offerings (Live, Work, Play), being a successful realization of a true public/private partnership. Our mission is to fulfill those aspirations.